Invest In Yourself

by Yasmine Moulin


As an entrepreneur myself, I know how busy life can get. Usually, we juggle many hats, work long hours and are always “on work mode”. For me, I’m a business consultant, social media marketing manager, blogger, writer, copywriter, ghost blogger, career coach, and professional development specialist. It all falls under Yasmine Moulin Consulting and keeps my passions alive and very busy.

Most sole entrepreneurs, do everything in their company. However, even though we lead very busy lives living our dream and being our own boss, we must also find the time to invest in ourselves! This is one of the most challenging things for entrepreneurs to do.

How do we invest in ourselves, while also building our business and personal and professional brand? Finding the time is a monumental challenge. BUT – to keep current, and on top of the latest business trends and products and services related to your company, investing in yourself is a must! You will not only gain personal satisfaction, you will also be giving your customers the best service possible.

Here are three ways to invest in YOU:

Life-long Learning

Keep boosting your credibility and intellectual capacity. Staying up-to-date on current topics and trends is easier today than ever. There are so many ways to keep learning – webcasts, online courses and in-person seminars that are offered at local colleges and universities. Some are even free! I spent on average 5-10 hours per week learning, mostly online. I also carve out some time during the year to attend an in-person course or seminar. It’s also a wonderful way to make connections and built relationships with others in your business community.

Become an Instructor

What a powerful way to build your credibility and possibly get new clients. As an instructor, and having done the in-depth research for your course,  you will know the ins and outs of your topic and this will help you be recognized as an expert in your field. Over the past three years, I have curated three, 90-minute seminars on, “Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs”, “The Importance of Ethics and Behaviour in the Workplace” and “Building a Successful Company Culture”. Reach out to your community, ( e.g. Chamber of Commerce, local companies, post secondary learning providers) and offer your expertise.

Take Care Of YOU

This is one that I am working on! One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is health setbacks and just ‘plowing through’. Not good! Neglecting your physical health will catch up with you and it will have a negative impact on your quality of life and your business success. Being healthy is an investment in you and your business! I personally know how hard it is … however, try to set time aside for physical activity e.g. walking, swimming, yoga, the gym. I’m sticking to walking for now 😃. Make better health and food choices. Get enough sleep. And – don’t forget to take time to rest, relax and recharge. Take that vacation, your mind and body will thank you.





Yasmine Moulin is a business consultant and owner of Yasmine Moulin Consulting (YMC). Her passion and focus is helping individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses propel their businesses and careers forward to the next level of what success looks like to them. She provides social media; professional development and executive leadership programs and retreats; career coaching; and professional business writing services.

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