Five Tips to Keep Your Social Media Audience Interested in YOU!

by Yasmine Moulin

As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t have a Social Media Voice & Presence, you don’t  exist! Not great for any business, especially a small business owner.

 If you’re hoping to gain brand awareness, want people to click through to your website, grow your list of sales leads, and in turn revenue, here are 5 tips to keep your audience interested in seeing you.

  1. Plan ahead & develop a post schedule. I like to use HootSuite for managing clients’ social media platforms. It’s much easier to manage when you plan ahead.
  2. Follow people and be social. Building a following requires consistent and regular interaction. Building relationships with others & sharing their posts will encourage others to share yours.
  3. Provide value with your posts. Share your expertise. Share others’ expertise. Give people a reason to follow you. Give people a reason to trust in you, your products and services. This will also establish you as an expert in your field.
  4. It’s not all about sell, sell, sell. If most of your posts are related to your business’s products & services – stop it now! Don’t be viewed as salesy. No one likes to be bombarded with sales pitches. People will lose interest. And that translates to less engagement and less followers.
  5. Focus on content that moves readers to action. Share information on who you are, your interests, your adventures. Once they get to know you, they will trust you, and you’ll have more success selling to them. Remember, people ‘buy’ you first, then your products and services.
  6. BONUS TIP. Use the 3-3-3 rule. Your posts should be: one-third on your products & services; one-third on value-added information; and one-third on you, your interests, weekend activities etc.

If you’re not sure how to write content that moves people or need help managing your social media accounts, give YASMINE MOULIN CONSULTING a call. That’s what we do!



Yasmine Moulin is owner of Yasmine Moulin Consulting, providing professional development, executive leadership programs, social media branding and marketing, and business management consulting services. Yasmine has been in the continuing professional education field for financial professionals and business leaders for many years. She has successfully planned and developed executive education and professional development programs for VPs, CEOs, CFOs, and senior leaders. Yasmine was an early adopter of social media & saw the power it has to build relationships, brand awareness & authentic engagement with clients & potential new clients. This lead her to being a social media consultant and strategist. Previously, Yasmine was in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry including being an ESL teacher and English & French tutor. Yasmine holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Combining executive, management, business & leadership experience along with education & professional development, her focus & passion is in helping clients & their teams obtain their professional & personal goals. Yasmine currently lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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